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Frank Hornby

The Inventor of Meccano

1979 Meccano Meccanoids

From Deep Space

Motorised, Like New…$225.00

1927 American Meccano Set 3A

Accessory Outfit, 215 parts…$250.00

1917 American Meccano Set 5

In “Presentation” Oak Chest…$850.00

1939 Meccano Mechanized Army Outfit


1950 Meccano Set 0A, Accessory Outfit

As New, Mint and Unused…$75.00

1935 American Meccano Brik No. 00

Like New…$175.00

1935 No. 10 American Meccano

Motor Car Set

Contains Wide Girders and Real Rivets…$450.00

1935 No. 5 American Meccano

“Just What You Regular Fellows Have Been Waiting For. Snap Rivets to Speed Up Model Building. Richly Enameled Girders—Brilliantly Colored in Red and Green. Makes Models Look Like They are Something When They are Completed”. 110 Volt Motor$350.00

1986 Meccano Set 3X

Converts Set 3 into Set 4

New, Factory Sealed…$75.00

1936 Meccano X Series Outfit No. 2


1921 Electrical Outfit

Unused, Mint Condition…$1,650.00

November, 1913 Ad…$150.00

Your Fingers Will Tingle With Eagerness To Build These Wonderful Models

Happy Hours and Heaps of Fun

December, 1915 Ad