Meccano ad...December, 1931$500.00

The No. 115



Ahoy Mates. Feast your eyes on this powerful armor-plated super dreadnought. A roaring, racing bulldog of the Navy. Here’s a flagship that will make your blood tingle. Built just like Uncle Sam’s biggest and finest battleships.


If you’ve a thirst for adventure and a taste for the sea, the Meccano Shipbuilding Outfit is the most glorious toy you can own. You build this gigantic warship yourself, lay the keel just as they do in the big Navy yards, fit on the hull and armor plate and mount the guns.


But the big moment is when you launch her...when you see her slip gracefully into the water...when you see her awaken to a proud sea life and go forward under her own power.


You can build all kinds of fascinating ships with this wonderful Meccano Shipbuilding Outfit. Gigantic ocean  liners, dashing speed boats, stalwart freighters, adventurous pirate ships, graceful yachts...and many others.


In the sturdy, green, Meccano Sea Chest, you will find keel, hull, armor plate, anchor, masts, smoke stacks, guns, propeller and all necessary parts for building real ships...vessels that actually float and run.

1931 No. 115 American Meccano Shipbuilding Set

Builds All-Steel Ships that Float and Run Under Their Own Power. Dreadnaughts, Ocean Liners, Yachts, Freighters and 16 Other Ship Models. Wide Assortment of Parts for Building Over 350 Models...$2,950.00

The Toy that made Engineering Famous

                                    “Just Count the Holes”

1932 No. 15 American Meccano Shipbuilding Set

Build Steel Ships that Float and Run Under Their Own Power. Also Trucks, Engines and Many Other Models with Meccano-Brik for Building Foundations. Also, a Powerful Electric Motor to Bring Your Model to Life$3,950.00

1935 No. 15 American Meccano Shipbuilding Set

Scarce...Only Two Examples of this Version, with Full Color Artwork Under the Box Lid, are Known to Exist (I have them both). Contains “Richly Enameled Girders—Twice as Wide as the Old Kind and Real Rivets, Just Like the Kind Red-Blooded Steel Workers Use”…$4,950.00